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The more I work with couples in relationships,  the more I realize how important a good relationship is to the community and the country.  The one area that to me is disturbing is how the children are suffering.  Even if the couples don’t split, the children are in deep trouble because of all the fighting and anger between their parents.  Many children, not all, but a big majority don’t know what a happy home is all about, parents don’t communicate they go their separate ways, do there own thing and  very little is done  together as a family.

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The father came home from work as usual. He was tired, grumpy and irritable. Waiting for him was his happy son, who greeted him with a smile.

Immediately the father responded with an angry voice and said “Leave me alone, I’m tired.” Sheepishly the son whispered to his dad, “How much do you earn for one hour at your work?” With a stern voice the dad said “Twenty Rand, now go to your bedroom.” The boy disappeared, only to re-appear a little while later. In a whisper, he asked, “Can you lend me ten Rand please?” “No!” said the father, “Now go to bed.”


Feeling bad, the father went up to his son’s room, and sat down on the bed. “Here is the ten Rand that you wanted.” The boy sat straight up with a big smile and immediately reached under his pillow and took out change to the value of ten Rand.

When the father saw this he was angry and said, “Why did you want to borrow ten Rand when you already have money?” The little boy said “I only have ten Rand saved, and together with the ten Rand you lent me, I will have twenty Rand. That means I can buy one hour of your time.”

The father was flabbergasted and realized how he had neglected his only son.

 Don’t let this be your experience! This story shows how important family life really is.


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